MUCCRI Student Bootcamps

MUCCRI Bootcamps

MUCCRI has been engaging university students through Boot camp meetings and with support from the USAID/ Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation (ERICCA) Activity, MUCCRI has made university students from different campuses aware of the facts about Climate Change. So far, four annual Climate Change University Students’ Boot Camps have been organized in 2015, 2016, 2017 and in 2018.

Bootcamps usually have intensive short period training and field-based learning activities in areas within Uganda which give an idea to students of how global issues related to climate change are reflected in the local environment (e.g. with deforestation, and physical impacts). Bootcamps workshops do have participatory sessions where students from different backgrounds and campuses share their experiences, observations and views about Climate Change to support the understanding that Climate Change knowledge can be applied in many aspects of their lives.

Aims of the Bootcamps

  • To make university students aware of Climate Change and
  • To encourage students to-become change agents for addressing Climate Change challenges in their universities and communities.

Past University Students Boot Camps

In 2018

The 4th Annual Climate Change Students Boot camp brought together students from universities across Uganda to raise their awareness on: what climate change is, its causes and impacts; how climate change can be addressed globally, nationally and locally; and, how change in attitudes and behavior can be vehicle for addressing climate change.

In 2017

The Makerere University Center for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MUCCRI) and USAID/Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation Activity held the 3rd Annual Climate Change Boot camp. The Boot Camp was built on the lessons learned from the previous two youth training engagements. The model for the Bootcamp training will remain focused on creating a cascade effect among Ugandan youth where the key intension is to equip the students with skills and knowledge to reach out to other youths and children in schools.

In 2016

The 2nd Annual Climate Change University Students Boot Camp was held from the 27th -30th, of January 2016. The intention of the 2nd Boot camp was different from that of the first in that the 1st Boot Camp was to increase general awareness and knowledge around climate change issues and was open to nearly any college student who wanted to participate. While the 2nd Boot Camp aimed at transitioning that awareness and knowledge of up to 30 University students who had demonstrated their serious desires to be able to share this information with younger students through development and practicing of climate change related classroom-type activities and lessons.

In 2015

The 1st  Climate Change University Students Boot Camp was held from the 28th-30th, of January 2015 and 71 undergraduate and graduate students from different university campuses around Uganda actively participated in a three-day intensive climate change training effort held at Makerere University in Kampala. This intensive training – dubbed Boot Camp – approach was so unique that it generated interest and support from many partners, including local and international NGOs, various university departments (not all science) and well-known local climate specialists.


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