Jinja Pilot Project

Jinja Pilot Project

Cities Alliance is supporting Jinja City to implement a migration management pilot project entitled: Strengthening capacity for urban migration management and migrants’ livelihood improvement in Jinja city, Uganda”. The overall aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of Jinja city to manage migration and integrate urban migrants into the urban economy. A further aim is to build the resilience and improve livelihoods of urban migrants and slum dwellers in Jinja Municipality who are experiencing migration-related livelihood challenges.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Deepen understanding of migration situation, trends, challenges and opportunities in Jinja city and how they affect the creation of sustainable and resilient city;
  2. Enhance the ability of Jinja city authorities to manage migration and integrate migrants into the urban economy;
  3. Support migrant communities, more especially the urban poor and slum dwellers, access financial resources and engage in gainful enterprises that economically empower them and improve their livelihoods.

The project is being implemented as a partnership between Jinja Municipality (local government), Makerere University (the academia) and ACTogether (civil society) and will deploy an innovative model and pilot projects that enhance financial inclusion and investment in viable enterprises, asset building, housing upgrading and access to basic urban infrastructure, utilities and services. This is expected, in the long-term, to increase urban productivity, job creation, and reduction in urban poverty. 

The Makerere University Centre for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MUCCRI) conducted a baseline study on the project entitled: “Strengthening capacity for urban migration management and migrants’ livelihood improvement in jinja city, Uganda and the findings are presented in this Report.

For more information about Jinja Pilot Project visit https://jinjacity-learning.com/ 


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