ERICCA Achievements

ERICCA Achievements

USAID/Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation (ERRICA) Activity through technical support provided to MUCCRI has among other things achieved the following;

CBA11 conference in Kampala

Since 2015, the activity successfully lobbies for the CBA11 to be hosted in Uganda. Under the theme; “harnessing natural Resources and ecosystems for Adaptation’ and this was achieved for, the CBA11 conference was held in Kampala on June 22nd -29th, 2017. And was jointly organizes by Makerere University, the Government of Uganda and IIED in partnership with development agencies and other non-state actors.

Youth boot camp training and internship


Youth boot camp training and internship is another way through which (ERRICA) Activity has supported the dissemination of Climate information. The youth boot camp training has helped focus the knowledge of university students around Climate Change and trained them on how to share that knowledge. Student have been trained to deliver Climate Change adaptation information to different audiences in their communities. Through this partnership with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Education Department, (ERRICA) Activity has supported the dissemination of Climate information through student’s internships that build KCCA teachers and students to build knowledge and support the KCCA Climate Change action plan. This contributes to building a Climate resilient future for the city.

Developing Training materials

2 workshops on developing educational materials, teaching guides and aids for teachers and students for incorporation into the National Primary and Secondary School Curriculum have been held.

Short Course and training for stakeholders

The Activity has supported MUCCRI to conduct short courses on: Climate Resilient Urban Development and Green Cities, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management: Climate Change and Sustainable Development: and Addressing Climate Change in Agricultural Development in which 160 private sector, district and central government officials, consultants and practitioners, have so-far been trained.

Climate Change Champions

The Activity is playing a facilitative role fostering collaboration with other institutions, such as the GoU Climate Change Department, local governments, and others to translate student research findings into simple, understandable, cost-effective and accurate guidance. Guidance resulting from Activity supported research and other relevant information and research results is being disseminated through appropriate channels to reach farmers and farmer organizations. Dissemination channels include: through the system of extension services at the district and sub-county levels, popular radio programs listened to by farmers, use and application of Information Communication Technologies (ICT), and through community agents (trusted community individuals). Other planned and ongoing dissemination efforts include regular editorials and articles on adaptation, student research findings, and resilience issues in key Ugandan newspapers and other media outlets.

Research needs assessment

Between 2016 and 2017, MUCCRI conducted a research needs assessment aimed at developing a research agenda to enhance action research on Climate Change adaptation in the agricultural sector. The assessment identified key research gaps and needs that could be addressed to promote climate resilient agriculture in Uganda. Many organizations have requested for the periodic summaries of new research results to share with their farmers. This has moved farmer-based research findings from scientists. The activity is supporting two PhD students and 5 masters’ students, one of whom has completed and is awaiting graduation in 2018. Seven of the 10 undergraduate students supported to conduct climate related research have graduated, while the last three are writing their final dissertations.

The activity has published the following papers

  • Determinants of agroforestry adoption an adaptation means to drought among smallholder farmers in Nakasongola District, Central Uganda
  • Assessing the farmer field school’s diffusion of knowledge and adaptation to climate change by Government of Uganda, Makerere University, Feed the Future Activities, National Agriculture Research Organisations, the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, International Institute for Environment and Development, International Center for Climate Change and Development.
  • Ecosystem based Adaptation to drought among Agro-pastoral farmers: opportunities and constraints in Nakasongola District, Central Uganda, in the journal of environmental management and Sustainable Development.

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