Beneficiaries at MUCCRI

MUCCRI Beneficiaries

MUCCRI has been engaging University students in many activities and with support from the USAID/ Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation (ERICCA) Activity, a project working with MUCCRI to build a hub of academic, professional development and research excellence in Climate science, Climate Adaptation and related disciplines. And through the project’s support, two of the students who participated in one of the multi-disciplinary research efforts and were active in the implementation of the three (3) Annual University Students Climate Change boot camps were funded to participate in the International Climate Change events for their career advancements:

Ntale Emmanuel

The first student, Ntale Emmanuel: was sponsored to attend the University of oxford Forum for International Development (OxFID).

Emmanuel did a research on “Ecosystem-based adaptation: Opportunities for smallholder farmers to adapt to drought in Nakasongola District, Central Uganda”. His research findings and outputs can be found here.

Emmanuel’s remarks: “Beaut3iful experience! I really feel blessed that I was chosen to take part in the ERICCA/MUCCRI undergraduate multi-disciplinary research sponsorship at my undergraduate. This has been a golden opportunity for me to widen my understanding in climate change research from conceptualization to the final reporting and presentation, Team building and team work among others. I can’t stress enough how important or relevant this scholarship is towards my career development.”

Ingrid Aringaniza

The second student, Ingrid Aringaniza: participated as a fellow for cohort 12 student of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) for the East-African Regional leadership Centre 2016.

Ingrid did research on “Farmers’ Agroforestry Adaptive Capacity in Nakasongola District Central Uganda.” Her research findings and outputs can be found here.

Ingrid’s Remarks: “I believe in learning from others every other day of my life, ERICCA granted me a golden opportunity to meet and learn from other people with skills from different disciplines and different backgrounds while I also shared my skills and knowledge as a proactive young lady. This did not only enable me to improve my research and writing skills but also grow myself as an individual and I have been able to use the skills acquired to contribute to my vision of improving livelihoods through Climate change awareness and research. Different trainings offered by MUCCRI engaging different stakeholders could not have left me the same person, I learnt how to relate with teams and improve my skills in public speech and engagement. I am very confident to say that my experience as a MUCCRI beneficiary was extremely exciting and valuable for both my career and overall general development. Above all, besides my career growth, it was a wonderful fun filled experience that enhanced my social life and networking opportunities, I made friends that make me a better person every day. May be there are other great experiences, but this was surely one of the greatest. I could never thank the MUCCRI team enough.”


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