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Research at MUCCRI Through partnership with NARO and the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA-Uganda) and with funding from USAID, MUCCRI is offering both financial and technical support to a series of graduate students (both MSc and PhD) research efforts as well as research experiences for undergraduates. The different research topics for PhD covered by the graduate students include the following:

PhD on climate-smart Robusta coffee: understanding the biophysical and economic challenges and opportunities at plot level. PhD on climate change adaptation, climate smart technologies: Overcoming drought stress in key food crops, combining drought-tolerant germplasm with evaluating technologies for conserving, collecting, and supplying water. PhD on climate change adaptation at household and community level - diversification or specialization and the implications of control over assets.

Completed PhD Students' Research

Livelihoods and Climate Adaptation: A Community- Based Risk Assessment In Uganda’s Coffee Growing Areas

Research Description:


Farmers’ livelihood are at the forefronts of Climate Change. According to IPCC’s AR5 for 2014, persistence in global surface temperature trends is expected up to a rate of 2.6 to 4.80oC. Climate adaptation through livelihood responses has compromised the diversity, function and productivity of natural resources and ecosystems in their communities.



Ecosystem Based Adaptation Options to Drought Impacts

Research Description:


Climate change has had devastating effects on natural resource dependent communities’ especially small holder farmers. These farmers try out various options using ecosystem products and services to help them adapt (Zake, 2015; CBD, 2009; Morton, 2007).




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