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MUCCRI engages in packaging, communicating, and disseminating Climate Change information, knowledge products, and innovations to the wider public.

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A prime feature in our training and research activities is to provide domestic and regional policy makers with the necessary scientific support, technology, and guidance in adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change. It continues to build local, national, and global networks and partnerships around climate change and development. MUCCRI also aspires to provide a deeper understanding that will enhance public awareness and support learning processes of societies to effectively respond to Climate Change and extreme weather events in both short-and long- time scales.


1. Research

Research at MUCCRI is being carried out by faculty and graduate students. Examples include Climate Change Adaption in coffee based farming systems of Uganda. The center is also involved in supporting undergraduate students’ research efforts in multi-disciplinary teams to work together on research useful to farmers.

With financial and technical support from USAID/Uganda Education and Research to improve Climate Change Adaptation (ERICCA), MUCCRI undertook an adaptation research needs assessment where three thematic areas generated from consultations with selected MUCCRI stakeholders:

  • 1. Climate resilient livestock production systems;
  • 2. Rain water harvesting and small scale irrigation systems; and
  • 3. Climate resilient crop production systems.



2. Training

Several courses targeting the private sector, district officials, consultants, practitioners, and government officials among others are provided on a regular basis. The center offers monthly seminar series open to the public.



3. Outreach activities

Conducting outreach activities through Climate Champions has created a legacy of trained and climate capable individuals from around Uganda, who have become a nationwide network of local/ regional “go-to” people for accurate and useful Climate Change advice to support a climate resilient Uganda. The holdings of Climate Change Boot Camps, an intensive training program for university students in Climate Change Science, impacts, and responses, has helped develop the knowledge based for youth around climate change and trained them on how to share that knowledge.



4. Packaging, communicating and disseminating climate change information knowledge products and innovations

MUCCRI is communicating with external stakeholders, with a focus on farmers and disseminating Climate Change adaptation information and guidance. Research results and other relevant information are disseminating through the most appropriate channels to a wide range of end-users. Read more...


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  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,
  • Makerere University- Uganda. East Africa
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