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A climate champion is a local/regional “go-to” person for accurate and useful climate
change advice. A regional climate champion is a person who is passionate about understanding the climate science basics, the likely impacts in their regions, and the ways to respond.

They can provide helpful advice and guidance as district local governments begin/carry out the planning processes of adaptation and mitigation around a changing climate. A climate champion will become a long-term channel of information dissemination – in two directions.

First as a source of support to various levels of local government and others as they begin in earnest to plan responses to climate changes; and second as a source of feedback or dialog with researchers and policy makers to identify information/policy/institutional needs of communities that may be addressed through research and/or policy/institutional interventions or to provide updates on community activities to those within and outside the community.

Climate Champion Project

Katambwa Watershed Conservation Project

Research Description:


The project aimed at increasing the resilience of watershed systems and communities through using the ecosystem and farmer field school approaches
It focused on enhancing wetland services to the communities as well as promoting appropriate adaptation options to sustain people’s livelihood






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