Climate change adaptation in Robusta coffee: Use of tree agroforestry canopy closures

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Project Description

Climate smart Robusta coffee production challenges at farm level

Makerere University Centre for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MUCCRI) supports post graduate research on climate adaptation with an aim of raising climate change awareness and developing a climate knowledge base. USAID through FHI360, MUCCRI, IITA and NARO is providing financial and technical support for a PhD study on coffee adaptation to climate change. The objective is to build capacity in climate change and climate adaptation in coffee production as well as inform the coffee policy. Coffee is a crop of focus because of being a major income earner for Uganda (contributes over 18% of export value) and its susceptibility to climate variability. The current PhD title is:  Influence of canopy closure and micro climate variability on pest dynamics in Robusta coffee. The main study objective is to determine the diversity of pests in Robusta coffee agroforestry and effect of pest pressure on coffee yield, evaluate the influence of agroforestry canopy closure on incidence and severity of Robusta coffee pests, micro climate and soil moisture under varying rainfall amount. 
Specific objectives include:

  1. Determine the diversity of major coffee pests and their effect on Robusta coffee yields
  2. Determine the effect of agroforestry tree canopy closure and species on incidence and severity of selected Robusta coffee pests
  3. Evaluate the effect of canopy closure on temperature, humidity and soil moisture and effect of this micro climate on Robusta coffee pest incidence and severity. Click here for more detail

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