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Students' Workshop at MUCCRI

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USAID/Uganda Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation Activity under the auspices of Makerere University Centre for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MUCCRI) are engaged in several initiatives aimed at supporting short and long-term training to students, staff, and external stakeholders of Makerere University. Among the external stakeholders, are teachers in primary and secondary schools who present opportunities for channeling climate change information to the public through the learners they teach.

University students have been previously invited to participate in activities that would enhance their knowledge and skills about climate change so that they can engage with teachers in primary and secondary schools.

A trainer of trainees’ workshop was therefore organized to equip selected university students with skills and knowledge about climate change and how they can pass on that knowledge to teachers in primary and secondary schools who will as a way of creating a cascading effect pass on the knowledge and skills to learners in their respective schools.

Workshop Theme: Trainer of trainers of university students on climate change awareness and engagement for primary and secondary schools.

Date: Training was conducted at Garuga Resort Entebbe (10th – 14th April 2017)

The outputs of the workshop were to enhance:

  • 1) The understanding of the science of climate change and clarifying some misconceptions and myths regarding climate change, and
  • 2) The development of the teaching learning aids and to open students minds to designing information pieces that they can use while they go to schools to teach about climate change through application of principles of pedagogy/andragogy.

In a report written about how this workshop was conducted and what was achieved. It was recommended that the students that were trained should further be supported technically and with some education materials which they can use to engage with teachers in primary and secondary schools in and around their respective universities. Also, establishment of social network of trainers of trainers because of this workshop managed by MUCCRI is recommended.




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