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MUCCRI as a centre for climate change research and innovations at Makerere University generates knowledge for development in Uganda, and contributes to the University’s mandate to excel in training, research and innovations. This is also in line with Uganda’s climate change priorities in the National Development Plan for 2015/16 – 2019/20 that points to the need for strengthening capacity for generating and disseminating climate change information and translating that information into knowledge within the overarching context of sustainable development in Uganda. The centre provides a one stop-centre for all climate change research work not only within the college but also in other colleges at Makerere University. Specifically, the establishment of the centre arose from the need to fill the missing links in climate change and development. Our Vision To be a leading centre of excellence in climate change research and innovations that enhance sustainable development in Uganda and the African region. Our Mission To generate and disseminate quality climate change knowledge and innovations in order to foster climate change resilience and sustainable development in Uganda and the African region. Aims and Objectives The overall goal of MUCCRI is to develop and coordinate inter- and cross- disciplinary collaborative research and innovations related to climate change
Short-term goal: Generate knowledge that can develop understanding of climate variability and the use of information in order to reducing susceptibility to climate variability and change. Medium-term goal: Enhancing the creation of a knowledge-based economy through building capacity in climate and related sciences, and then generating the knowledge base application to policy and decision making at all levels, and advancing Uganda’s climate change role within the East African region. Long-term goal: Ensuring growth and development of the economy and society is resilient to the long-term impacts of climate change. In order to achieve the centre's vision, mission and aims, MUCCRI;
  • Promotes awareness on climate change
  • Conducts research on climate change science, climate change mitigation and adaption in all sectors and disseminates the generated information
  • Generates and disseminates innovations for climate change mitigation and adaptation in agricultural and natural resources sectors

Through research and dissemination of findings, MUCCRI will advocate and influence climate change and development policy to enable Uganda address climate change challenges.


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  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,
  • Makerere University- Uganda. East Africa
  • Phone: +256 414 542 277
  • Email: muccri@caes.mak.ac.ug

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