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MUCCRI engages in packaging, communicating and disseminating climate change information, knowledge products and innovations to the wider public. A prime feature in our future training and research activities is to provide domestic and regional policy makers with the necessary scientific support, technology and guidance in mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation: Institutional News Article

Radford, T. (2016, March 11). Climate needs Africa’s farmers to change fast.


African farmers need to make drastic adaptations to raise crops in a warming world, and the time left for change is short.

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Embedding Climate Change Adaptation in Development process. IDS in focus, Issue 02.


Today climate change adaptation is a mainstream development issue. The UK Government-commissioned Stern Review last year analyzed the economics of adaptation and NGO campaigns have focused on its justice and equity dimensions. The challenge now is to embed adaptation within wider development debates and practices. This issue of In Focus comprises eight two-page briefing notes on a variety of topics related to adaptation. They draw on research conducted by IDS Fellows and their research partners to highlight ongoing work on reducing vulnerability and poverty in a changing climate.



A systematic review of research on climate change adaptation policy and practice in Africa and South Asia deltas.[Regional Environment Change, 15: 815-824. Doi: 10.1007/s10113-014-0715-8.]


Recent years have witnessed a rapid increase in scholarship on adaptation to climate change. Peer-reviewed literature, governmental communiqués and reports are increasingly reporting formulated and implemented climate change adaptation policies, strategies and plans of action. A large part of this literature describes general policy strategies, while there is limited published work on adaptation interventions at the local scale. The generality of adaptation is not only limited to strategies but also in terms of coverage of regions believed to be highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Among such climate change “hotspots” where understanding on adaptation is limited are river deltas. Herein, this paper synthesizes selected literature on adaptation policy and practice in river deltas located in Africa and South Asia.

Key words:

Adaptation policy, Climate change, Deltas, Vulnerability, Africa, South Asia, Systematic review


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