Green Zone at The Kampala City Festival 2017

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ERICCA/MUCCRI Participation in Kampala City Festival 2017

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ERICCA/MUCCRI collaborated with KCCA to co-organize the annual Kampala City Festival on 8th Oct 2017 which drew more attention to the people of Kampala an around the world, the celebration reflected more activities more so on culture, innovation, unity and social life. It was a highly precious moment for revelers to learn, share, and network while acting as an economic engine for companies, organizations and small businesses to flourish.

In response to overwhelming popularity, the event expanded for the last 5 years allowing larger vendors spaces and adding more events, entertainers, and stages than ever before including the climate change stage and waste management green zone. During the festival the green zone and waste management areas was designated on Jinja road streets from Uganda House and Railway grounds to communicate significantly and effectively to the general public about different actions that can be done to ensure Kampala is a Sustainable and Resilient City.


Communication and Sensitization was done by ERICCA/MUCCRI youths from various Universities through interviews and discussions with revelers using structured questionnaires. 200 Questionnaires were administered and of these, 45% of the interviewees had prior knowledge about Climate Change, 10% knew the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, 3% have been involved in some Climate Change activities, and 42% are totally ignorant about Climate Change.

Communication was also accompanied by a well branded T-shirt that were distributed to university student volunteers with words “Be Smart, Be Eco-Friendly’’ as a way of creating awareness and popularizing Climate Change initiatives at and even after festival.


In the Climate Change Green Zone, sorting of waste was spearheaded by the University volunteers using the designed plastic nets and dust bin collection points placed on Jinja road streets. These bins stations were branded to enable people understand the different waste segregation and were set up in multiples to cater for the different waste compositions.

The ERICCA/MUCCRI youth volunteers from Makerere University Climate Change Association Science ,Mountain of the moon, Kyambogo University and Mbarara University guided people on how to use the bins as well as communicated the purpose of sorting waste and its contribution to Climate Change resilience and waste management to have a low carbon and resilient Kampala. From the City revelers, the new plastic net collection points stood out and were supported by most of the revelers to as the best way to manage waste.

This activity was conducted for four hours from 10am to 2pm and a total of 186 bags of 12cm x 75cm plastic collection bags were filled, and 15 bags of landfill waste. The plastic waste included Plastic bottles, carbon foils, and aluminum foils activity for four hours collected waste was weighed to generate data on different waste types that used for calculating the carbon foot print of the festival.

The collected plastic was forwarded back to companies of coca cola for recycling and other reused by the public to make different items like the pavilion whereas the landfill waste was directed to Kitezi land fill for proper waste management


The ERICCA/MUCCRI students exhibited several activities to raise awareness, which included the activities they are carrying on as their ‘climate action’ at the universities, communities and schools which were developed in the MUCCRI Youth Climate Change Bootcamps. The green zone had a couple of other non-students exhibitions that they carried to the public on solutions that can make Kampala a resilient city, amongst these exhibition of different green solutions and products like improved cook stoves, briquettes, solar lighting products, reusable waste products, recycled products, Music and drama on different climate mitigation measures and adaptation topics.




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