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Opportunities and Constraints For Drought Adaptation By Agro- Pastoral Farmers In Nakasongola District, Uganda


• Drought and its characteristics extended period of moisture deficiency, greatly affects the small holder agro-pastoral farmers, especially in the developing countries whose livelihood principally develops on the natural resources based coupled with minimum application external farm inputs (Keil et al,2008;Fisher et al, 2015).

• Ecosystem based adaptation (EbA) uses a collection of opportunities for the sustainable management conservation and restoration of ecosystems. This in turn, offers services that facilitate farmers to adapt to prolonged droughts.

• This study assessed the EbA opportunities and constraints faced by farmers to adapt to drought in Nakasongola district.

Material and Methods used:

• Household survey, key informant interviews and secondary datasets were acquired

• This study was conducted in Lwampanga and Nabisweera Sub-counties located in Northern part of Nakasongola


• Farmers perceived the occurrences, frequencies and severities of drought episodes to have increased in the last 10 years.

• The majority of the farmers (90%) adapted to drought by utilizing ecosystem goods and services.

• In response to the increasing impacts of drought, Ecosystem-based Adaptation approaches proved to provide more flexible, cost-effective and broadly applicable alternatives for reducing the negative impacts of drought.

• Water, fuelwood and fish were the utmost obtained goods.

Selected references:

Keil, A,, Zeller, M,, Wida, A,, Sanim, B,, & Birner, R. (2008). What determines farmers’ resilience towards ENSO- related drought? An empirical assessment in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Climate Change, 86(3-4), 291-307.

Fisher, M,, Abate ,T,, Lunduka , R, W,, Asnake, W,, Alemayehu, Y, & Madulu, R.B. (2015). Drought tolerant maize for farmer’s adaptation to drought in Sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants of adoption in eastern and southern Africa. Climate Change, 133(2), 283-299.

Research person: Emmanuel Ntale
Program: Undergraduate Student


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