Climate Change Courses for Educators

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Climate Change Courses for Educators


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Course 1
UNESCO Course for Secondary Teachers on Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development (CCESD) (6 days)

This course is designed to give teachers confidence, through a series of six-day programmes, to help young people understand the causes and consequences of climate change today

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Course 2
Connecting Global Climate Change with Engineering (Self-Paced)

Engineering is not always included in grades 6-12 science curricula, but this module introduces an approach to expose students to the excitement of engineering challenges and careers, in the context of climate change science explorations and green energy challenges

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Course 3
NASA Resources for Teaching Global Climate Change in High School (6 weeks)

This online, facilitated course is designed for high-school educators wishing to teach global climate change using an inquiry/problem-based approach. The course focuses on evidence that supports global climate change and how to use NASA data and resources to help high-school students discover mitigations or adaptations to climate change

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Course 4
Climate Adaptation and Mitigation E- Learning (Self-Paced)

A free, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, multimedia resource for educators on Climate Change. This includes links to on-line courses, articles and other resources for educators

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Course 5
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Teaching Resources (NOAA) – United States (Self-Paced)

Learning pathways to help educators uncover key concepts and authentic data from the National Climate Assessments. Educational resources for each region of the United States, tied to the National Climate Assessment's key findings have been assembled and posted on  NOAA's teaching climate webpages

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