Climate Change Courses for Communicators

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Climate Change Courses for Communicators


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Course 1
Covering Climate Change – Poynter. News University (Self-Paced approximately 4 hours)

Covering Climate Change is intended for journalists from all countries and beats, regardless of medium. Geared toward the non-environment reporter, this course covers all the basics needed to report on climate change with accuracy, depth and nuance

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Course 2
Environmental Reporting: An Introduction - Poynter. News University (Self-Paced approximately 3 hours)

In this course, you'll learn how to tackle stories, translate scientific jargon and find the best sources for your stories. This course will help you gain a deeper understanding of the field of environmental journalism--its past, present and future

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Course 3
Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, United States (2 hours)

This course provides a basic overview of climate change science and answers to questions about climate change commonly asked by television viewers, including: What changes climate?Is climate change real?Why should we care? How sure are scientists?andWhat next?

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Course 4
Earth to Sky- Graduate Courses in Communicating/Interpreting Controversial Science (10 weeks)

Stephen F. Austin University (SFA) is piloting a year-long series of online courses, Science and the Public Interface, centered on the topic of effective communication of controversial science (such as evolution, climate change, nanotechnology, stem cell therapy, etc)

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