Climate Change and Forests

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Climate Change and Forests


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Course 1
Climate Solutions University: Forest & Water Strategies (10 months)

Become a leader in the field of climate adaptation! Model Forest Policy Program offers the highly regarded Climate Solutions University: Forest & Water Strategies to assist communities in the challenging work of adapting to climate change

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Course 2
Climate Change and Food Security – FAO (5 hours)

This free course helps us understand how climate change is affecting agriculture and our food security - and what can be done

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Course 3
Introduction to climate change and the role of forests- The Nature Conservancy (Self-Paced)

This is a short term course looking especially at how forests can be utilized for climate change mitigation and adaptation

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Course 4
Climate change adaptation: A short course for Land Managers – United States Forest Service (Self-Paced)

Information in this short course summarises the state-of-the science for natural resource managers and decision makers regarding climate variability, change, climate projections, and ecological and management responses to climate variability

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Course 5
Climate Change and REDD+ - The Nature Conservancy (8 hours)

The course is meant to enable participants to more fully understand and better engage in REDD+ policy negotiations at the national and international levels and to facilitate the development of credible REDD+ activities in developing countries through basic capacity building

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