Climate Change and Agriculture

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Climate Change and Agriculture


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Course 1
Animal Agriculture and Climate Change – United States Department of Agriculture (12 hours)

The Animal Agriculture and Climate Change online certification course provides an in-depth understanding of the relationship between animal agriculture and climate change, both nationally and regionally, right from your office or home at the beginning of every month

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Course 2
Climate Change and Food Security – FAO (5 hours)

This free course helps us understand how climate change is affecting agriculture and our food security - and what can be done

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Course 3
Incorporating Climate Change Considerations into Agricultural Investment Programmes (5 hours)

This course provides the necessary knowledge to design, develop and implement agricultural projects and programmes that address the challenges of a changing climate

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Course 4
Climate Science Connections: Water in the West of the United States- CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder (4 weeks)

This course engages participants with cutting-edge science in exploring questions about the intersection of climate change and water management in the West of the United States

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Course 5
Free Short Courses in Climate Risk and Water Resources Management - Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) (Flexible between 11 days to 3months)

This Programme consists of a series of 4 short courses aimed at building the capacity of professionals as well as upper-level students in the water sector. The free online courses will provide knowledge and concepts necessary to manage water resources and risk related to climate change and variability

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Course 6
Climate Change & Sea Level Rise - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, United States (15-20 minutes)

This short module looks at how increasing temperatures due to climate change have affected sea level rise and what effects scientist expect in the future, given rising greenhouse gas emissions

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Course 7
Watersheds: Connecting Weather to the Environment - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, United States (15-20 minutes)

This course provides an understanding of a watershed as the local environment in which people’s actions and decisions play against the background of daily and seasonal weather to affect the quality and health of the local watershed in which they live, as well as the larger system of watersheds of which their watershed is one part.

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