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Uganda Climate Change Champions Network (UCCCN)

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The idea of Climate Champions was concieved in 2015 by the USAID/Education and Research to Improve Climate Change Adaptation (ERICCA) and Enabling Environment for Agriculture (EEA). In December 2017 during the Community-based Adaptation Learning Forum (CALF), the Champions formed an association named "Uganda Climate Change Champions Network -UCCCN" whose secretariat was to be housed at MUCCRI. MUCCRI was also tasked to assist the UCCCN Steering Committee to formalize the Network as well as support them in meeting their objectives. This Network comprises of individuals commited to enhancing communal adaptation, mitigation and resilience to climate change impacts. These individuals include farmers, local government officials, students, businessmen/women, Community-based Organisations etc.



To be a leading network that promotes climate smart  interventions in Uganda.


To  generate and share knowledge about climate smart practices and innovations in communities.


To promote community based  adaptation and mitigation measures in order to build  household  resilience to climate change impacts in communities.


1. To conduct research about  the prevailing climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation measures.
2. To popularize and disseminate relevant climate information in a simple and understandable language.
3. To train local communities on how to adapt and mitigate climate change impacts.
4. To raise awareness and advocacy about climate change.

What we do?

Conduct trainings & demonstrations.



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