The 3rd Climate Change Bootcamp 2017

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Climate Change Boot Camps at Makerere University


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Makerere University, MUCCRI Studeents' Climate Change Boot Camps

The 3rd Annual Student's Climate Change Boot Camp

The 3rd Annual Boot Camp took place from 27th February to 3rd March at Rest gardens Bweyogerere. Theme for the boot camp was “Youth Engagement in Climate Action.” Students from various universities participated. Universities included Makerere, Busitema Kyambogo, Cavendish, Mountains of the Moon and Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Facilitators and exhibitors from various organizations also took part. Exhibitors included Masaba Florence from, Aaron Kayondo (Story People), Nicholas Kiiza (pipeline design and foam industries Uganda) and Robert Musoke (Built up Ltd).

Students were taught about climate change basics (what it is and what it is not), impacts of climate change, how to respond (brief on Adaptation and Mitigation), National and local legal framework of climate change, international legal framework of climate change by various presenters from different organizations and its role in climate action.

A session of group dynamics was held for students to understand how to cooperate in groups to achieve their goals. This session started with a panel discussion where the pioneer students of MUCCA narrated their experience in working in a group. The aim of the group dynamics was to provide solutions to different misunderstandings that can occur in groups.

Students joined three different groups which included school engagement, on campus and community engagement groups. In the different groups, students came up with different activities they could undertake after the boot camp. From these activities, students were to identify, design and plan for the selected activities to be implemented in their respective universities. The groups were facilitated by the ERICCA/ MUCCRI team who offered guidance to the groups. Some of the activities included waste management, climate smart agriculture, tree planting and talking compounds. Action plans for the activities were designed and were to be followed by the groups.


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